About Harken

Harken Towing is a Canadian owned and operated Tow Boat company, providing professional grade marine towing services in the Pacific Northwest for over 65 years.

The company was founded in 1948 by Ken Mackenzie Sr. and partner Harvey Forrest – hence the name “Harken”. The partners launched their first tug on August 18th, 1948, and began a business towing logs and servicing sawmills on the Fraser and Pitt Rivers in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. Ken Mackenzie became sole owner in 1949.

A large, full-service fleet

Over 65 years later, Harken Towing continues to thrive and has expanded into one of the most prominent marine towing services companies on Canada’s West Coast. With a fleet of 10 shift tugs, 5 continuous tugs, 9 aluminum water taxis, and a barge fleet capable of carrying 8,000 tonnes, Harken provides a full range of professional marine towing services throughout the Pacific Northwest.

The company’s initial focus had been on towing and yarding log booms to sawmills along the Fraser River as well as towing and storing log booms in “fresh water” in the Fraser and Pitt Rivers and Pitt Lake. Today Harken has expanded into a leading name in the marine business for towing not only log booms but also barge towing in the rivers, local harbours, outside waters and U.S. waters.

The company’s base remains the property that Ken and Dorothy Mackenzie purchased at 1990 Argue St. in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, at the junction of the Pitt and Fraser Rivers. First building a house there to serve as their home and office, the facilities have since expanded to include an office and support buildings to enable the growth of the company.

Operating with integrity

Following the lead of its founder, Ken Mackenzie, Harken has built a reputation in the marine industry as a company that operates with integrity, grit and its customers’ best interests at heart.

Despite its growth, Harken has maintained the feel and principles of a family-run organization. Ken and Dorothy’s children have grown and had their own children, all of whom currently hold key positions in both shore and fleet operations.

The shore staff has expanded to over a dozen professionals working in Operations, Safety Management, Human Resources, Finance, Maintenance & Repair, and Business Development. Together with the fleet crew, the entire team continues to grow Harken’s reputation as a leading provider of marine towing services on the Pacific Northwest.

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