Health Safety & Environment Policy

Committed to a Safe Work Environment

As a family-oriented marine towing company, Harken Towing is 100% committed to providing safe and healthy workplaces for our “family” – our employees, contractors, customers and guests. We firmly believe that our employees are our greatest asset and must be protected. Our number one priority is safety for our employees, followed closely by safety for our environment and our equipment.

At Harken, every single employee has a responsibility to ensure the health, safety and wellness, of their co-workers, the company, and most importantly, themselves. We believe that “progression” will lead to “perfection” in safety management – a process that involves all stakeholders, starting with our owners, and extending to our managers and employees.

Every day, we strive to continually improve our culture, attitudes and management practices to ensure we deliver safe, professional-grade services to our customers every time.

Our Commitment:

  • We will build towards becoming an injury and incident-free employer
  • We will minimize our operational impact on the environment we work and live in
  • We will invest in our employees and equipment in the form of ongoing training and maintenance & repair
  • We will continue to find new methods to promote continual improvements for safe operations
  • We will meet or exceed all regulatory requirements
  • We will build a framework for our employees that transforms compliance-based safety to attitude-based safety