Domestic Safety Management

Leading the Way in Integrated Health & Safety Management

Safety is critical to every aspect of our business. Our commitment to a safe work environment extends beyond our team to include the customers we serve. With quality and safety at the heart of our operations, you can always count on Harken Towing to deliver.

Pioneering safe operations

More than five years ago, Harken participated in an industry pilot project called Domestic Safety Management (DSM). In collaboration with Transport Canada and the Council of Marine Carriers, Harken worked to create an integrated safety system for companies operating vessels under 500 gross tons.

From the beginning, Harken understood the need for an integrated safety system within the company and the industry. Since the completion of the pilot project, Harken has continued with the implementation of DSM. Currently our DSM system is a focal point for our internal departments: crew and staff have adopted the principle of continual improvement to ensure that all areas of our marine operations are carried out to the highest quality and in the safest way possible.